About European Basset Hounds

The basset hound was originally bred as a hunting dog and was known to hunt in packs for small animals such as rabbits. The hunting urge is still a part of this breed today, as they love to be outside where they can track with their nose. Basset Hounds are best known today as easy-going family pets instead of their hunting dog status. Basset Hounds are a friendly and affectionate breed with lots of wrinkly skin love to share. Most European Bassets are outgoing and playful, especially with early socialization. Bassets need a low to moderate amount of exercise throughout the day and certainly enjoy a good amount of relaxation time. They are an excellent, fun-loving family pet with their laid back approach to life and ability to adapt well to their environment and others. Although very easy going Basset Hounds can have a stubborn side, because of this trait it is best to start training very early with a firm, consistent approach.

European Basset hounds have short legs, wrinkly skin, and the cutest droopy ears. When they are young, they are prone to tripping over those adorable ears. Basset Hounds have a tendency to become obese, so please keep them on a healthy eating and exercise regimen.

The Basset Hound Breed

Characteristics: Short stature, short and crooked legs, long droopy ears, expressive droopy eyes and lots of wrinkles.

Attention Need: Medium

Energy Level: Low to Moderate

Life expectancy: 10 to 13 years

Coat Length: Short and easy to groom

Weight Range: can vary greatly from 45 to 75 pounds.

Colors: Red, mahogany, tri and lemon with white markings are typical hound colors.

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Difference Between European Bassets and American Bassets

European Basset Hounds have the adorable extra wrinkly skin and those droopy eyes that steal your heart. European Basset hounds have about 10 to 15 pounds more to love on than the American Basset hound too. They both have very similar, laid back personalities, colors and markings.


Do European Basset Hounds Shed?
Yes, Basset Hounds do shed. They have fairly short hair, but do shed.

Do European Basset Hounds bark?
Yes, as will all breeds. They do have more of a louder, deeper bark than other breeds due to their hound breeding.

Are your puppies AKC registerable?
Yes, all of our puppies come with AKC pet registration. On occasion we do grant full registration rights. Please contact us if you have an interest in full rights.

When may we pick our puppy up?
Puppies are available to go to their forever homes beginning on their 8 week birthday.

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European Basset Hounds    

Meet the parents of our European Basset Hounds! With a 100% European bloodline, our Hounds are known for their esteemed characteristics in temperament and type. 

All parents are genetically tested for the five Basset Hound genetic diseases (POAG, Thrombopathia, X-Linked, Lafora, and MPS1 through PawPrint and OFA). All of our Bassets are AKC Registered.

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