Our Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dams & Sires

If you're interested in the Corgi breed and would like to know more about our Dams and Sires and how our litters are raised, please feel free to contact us today at (417) 876-7054. Availabe puppies and upcoming litters can be found here!

We test all of our dams & sires for DM, EIC and VWD1. All of our Corgis are AKC registered. Please inquire with any questions.

Corgi Parents

Sterling - Male

Sgf Buckeye Sterling Dashing 4Sail - Sire


Sire-Stewart's I'm No Angel

Dam-SGF Up The Ante

UKC Champion

AKC Pointed


Sterling has a beautiful conformation and ground covering stride. He is very fun loving and has a very sweet temperment. He loves to spend his days around the farm.

Gale an AKC corgi stud at Bar H Farms in Missouri

Bar H Knight in Gale - Sire


Sire - JMB Sampson of Wind Dial

Dam - Diamond Dollar Rose


Nat/Intl Honors Sr Champion

Red Sable

Gale is an outgoing Corgi stud. He does not know a stranger and enjoys being wherever we are, usually at our heels :) He started his show career as a puppy and is doing well in the show ring. He is already a National and International Sr. Puppy Champion, International Honor Puppy Chapmion and is almost finished with his UKC championship. He has a strong build and a happy heart - he looks like he is smiling most every day. He is a triple clear red sable male.

Elm Creek's Rosetta

Elm Creek's Rosetta - Dam


Sire - Stoneheart Black & Decker

Dam - Stoneheart Kelly NoWay No How

DM Carrier EIC/VWD1 Clear

Red & White female

Our sweet Rosie girl has such a kind heart and the sweetest disposition, very laid back and loving. She enjoys exploring the farm and loves her special treats! Rosie is a beautiful red and white Pembroke Welsh Corgi female.

Dandi a champion corgi female

Bar H SnM What A Dandi Girl


Sire - Sgf Buckeye Sterling Dashing 4 Sail

Dam - Bar H MnM Marli

Nat/Int Hnrs Sr Ch


Multi Group Placing


Red & White

Dandi is a granddaughter of one of our original Corgi mommas. We've watched her grow into a beautiful Corgi female. She has a way of tugging at your heart strings with her soft personality. Dandi is truly a dandy of a Corgi girl! She started her show career as a puppy and earned the title of International and National Sr. Puppy champion, as well as an Honor Sr. Puppy Champion. She also received her UKC championship in the Spring of 2022. She has gorgeous structure and is a triple clear red and white Corgi.


Bar H RnB Sister



Sire - Boultinghouse Boots Good Grace

Dam - Elm Creek's Rosetta

DM Carrier/EIC & VWD1 Clear

Red female

Sister loves to be right be our side no matter what we are doing. She has a soft heart and outgoing personality. She loves to be outside running around the farm and getting belly rubs. Her nickname is the "acrobat" as she loves to run and jump in your arms. She has gorgeous red and white coloring.


Bar H MnM Marli


Sire - Abranch Little Dakota Drifter

Dam - Tummon's Darling Little Maddie


Red & White female

Marli is a triple clear Pembroke Welsh Corgi (DM, EIC, and VWD1 clear). She is an on-the-go girl who doesn't mind slowing down every once in a while to share some of her love. She is an amazing momma with beautiful red and white coloring.

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If you're interested in the Corgi breed and would like to know more about our Dams and Sires and how our litters are raised, please feel free to contact us today at (417) 876-7054. Be sure to explore our available Corgis and previous litters below!

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