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Get Your Kids That Puppy, They'll Thank You
why kids should have a basset hound puppy

Why should you get your kids have a puppy? 

We recently came across an interesting article that supports the reason why a child should have a dog in their lives and the benefits in childhood development, particularly in activity levels. This article covers a study in the relationship of dog ownership and children's activity level. You can find the link to the article, here.

Besides activity level, dog ownership is an excellent assistant in teaching responsibility. Children are not only worrying about their own needs, they're now worrying about the needs of their furry companion. Obviously the breed and training of the dog is very important as well. Basset Hounds in particular have been proven to make amazing family companions, most notably with young children. This is because of their slower temperament and softer hearted nature. They do great in the home and their pack animal instinct makes them extremely loyal companions. Show line basset hounds are particularly exceptional for the family as well. They are not only bred for their beautiful features, but their trainability and temperament. This makes for an excellent option for first time dog owners or families with young children. We all know that any scenthound can be quite stubborn, but with the correct bloodlines, training and socialization, you can have an outstanding family member for many years to come!

In conclusion... get your child that puppy!

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